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Review of Government Auctions USA

Government Auctions USA has the largest auction sales database of its kind with frequent updates by the auction house themselves. Information of the auctions that are available included Government, police, car, liquidation sales, property, bankrupt stock sales, customs, irs, and much more.

I became a member around March of 2006. I have purchased the monthly subscription of $7.95 (they also offered a yearly subscription for those that preferred to go with that route.) and I am still a satisfied member. I am pleased with the service that I am provided and the site developed a very HUGE database of the current and future auctions that it is going on in this country. And the best thing is that you can able to save HUGE off of retail, property values, etc. In December, I recently purchased a 1994 Nissan Quest from a local auction for around $500, and that van is worth nearly two times the book value. Several months later, the car is still in a very good, running condition. I had a friend who also went and purchased a home that was foreclosed at around $50,000 and if she would found this home anywhere she would have to pay nearly four times that she had to pay at the auction. In the future I am going to purchase electronic goods from the auctions, and I found quite a few that are very low compared to paying them at a retail store.

Also as a member, I get some nice features such as a large library of auction topics, the latest news about sales and auctions, update by auctioneers themselves with up-to-the-minute information, FREE newsletter, online auctions as you can even bid from your computer at your comfort, aand much more.

Thousands of cars become government & bank property every day through various seizure and surplus laws. The constant exchange of vehicles and the enormous expense to store them, means amazing deals and guaranteed rock bottom prices for you! As Much as 80% - 90% OFF!!

Government Auctions website is run specifically for dedicated bargain hunters. It's the first place people come to when looking for a great deal. Whether it's cars or vans, computers or software, linen or silk-it's all being sold right now, somewhere in the country.